Getting started

Private preview

If you are part of the private preview group, you received an invite from Spectral Core team.

Please note that this preview is intended for you to provide feedback to Spectral Core. If you do not want to grant access to your code, make sure to enable the toggle that marks the project as sensitive.

Azure Marketplace

Once you purchase a SQL Tran subscription on Azure Marketplace, SQL Tran will be deployed to your Azure tenant, ensuring complete isolation of your data. Nobody can access it but you and the users you give access to. The user who purchased SQL Tran becomes a superadmin and can invite other users.

Creating your first project

To get started, click the New project button, select your source database type, and you can immediately upload your source database script.

If you don't have the script ready, use our Scripter tool to quickly extract code from your live database. Scripter doesn't send anything to Spectral Core and instead simply writes a file to your disk. You can upload that file to SQL Tran.

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