Workspace screen is the main work area. You'll spend most of your time here.

You main work area consists of several areas.

Object tree

Even though you can quickly navigate using our quick-navigation dialog, object tree is very useful to have context about the rest of the database at your fingertips. More info is available here.


X-Ray allows you to see a high-level overview of the source code of the current object. More info is available here.


Each object has source and target editors side-by side. By default, none are editable and SQL Tran is managing the transpilation for you. You can override source or target.

If your code references objects that are not available in the rest of the database, SQL Tran will warn you via squiggly lines under names referencing something that doesn't exist. Static analysis engine seamlessly handles that for you.

Failure stats

SQL Tran transpilation engine is continuously being improved. Typically, there will be a number of issues that it can't handle if the codebase is complex.

Some of these issues will be broken code in the source database. Some will be correct code that we currently can't handle.

More info is available here.


Actions menu is a way for you to alter the current object manually.

Override source

Unlocks the source script for editing. Target script is generated in real-time by transpiling the source script.

Override target

Unlocks the target script for editing. Any changes or updates in the source will no longer affect the target script.

Revert to original

Reload the source and the target script as if they were never modified by hand.

Ignore this object

Do not create this object in the target, nor take it into account as existing when doing static analysis of the codebase.

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