Source database

SQL Tran currently supports the following databases you can migrate from:

  • SQL Server

  • Synapse Dedicated Pool

  • Oracle

SQL Tran does not need to connect to your database. It only needs your code, or more specifically, it needs CREATE scripts of your tables, views, procedures, functions, and triggers.

Populating object scripts

SQL script file

If you have ready SQL script dump of your database, you can upload it. SQL Tran can handle huge scripts, but we have limited the file size to 100MB just to sanitize what users are able to do. That said, 100MB should get you some 1.5 million lines of code, which is quite substantial.

ZIP archive file

You can also upload a ZIP file containing your scripts. We will optimize import based on the ZIP file contents.

  • If all you have is a bunch of files, we will treat this as a single SQL script and concatenate all files before parsing.

  • If you have files placed into a correct folder structure where each folder represents object types, we will directly map each file into a database object. This is the preferred way to import scripts.

Folder structure

If you will be creating the ZIP archive manually, as opposed to using our Scripter tool, please make sure to use the following directory structure:

  • Types

  • Tables

  • Procedures

  • Views

  • Triggers

Each file should be named as the object whose script it contains.

Scripter tool

Scripting large and complex databases using existing tools can be challenging, which is why we built a single-exe tool to do it for you.

Scripter is a very simple console application which is able to generate either SQL or ZIP file containing all of your database metadata.

When you run it, Scripter will not connect to any servers. You can examine the generated file to ensure nothing sensitive is sent to SQL Tran servers.

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