Object lifecycle

Purpose of SQL Tran is to cover everything when migrating code - all the way to ensuring all the required objects are created in the target database, then thoroughly tested.


Object's source (DDL script) is parsed to validate that its syntax is correct.

Static analysis

Static analysis in SQL Tran is used to tracking reference over your whole codebase. This is extremely helpful to fine-tune the generated target code.


In this step we transform the source code into the syntactically valid and equivalent target database code. The generated code is idiomatic to the target database engine and built in the way human would write it, to ensure that the target code is maintainable.

You can override automated transpilation per-object, by deciding to manually rewrite either source or target script.

Objects can also be marked as ignored, which will break references in objects relying on them. SQL Tran's static analysis engine will warn you about that.


The only way to know if generated code is acceptable to the specific target database is to actually execute its creation statement.


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