Here you can see your project stats. If SQL Tran engine has been updated since you created your project, clicking the Re-Translate button will immediately update your target code in all objects that aren't manually translated.

SQL Tran can handle the most complext databases in the world. A million lines of code is completely processed, analyzed and transpiled in seconds.



This is rarely needed - it is only needed if SQL Tran cannot properly understand your source script and reports syntax errors where there are none.


Transpilation engine is being continuously improved. If you have updated SQL Tran, you may want to run the transpilation process again.

Add/update object scripts

If you do not have all database scripts when you start with the project, you can add or even update object source code by uploading additional scripts in a form of SQL or ZIP files.

Download target script

If you want to create the target objects yourself, or examine the generated script in some external tool, you can export the script here.

Apply target database changes

Create objects in the target database. Applies to only objects with target script changed.

Recreate all target database objects

Create all project objects in the target database even if unchanged.

Drop all target database objects

Drop all project objects in the target database.

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