Object tree

Objects are grouped by type. Each object has an icon representing its type, but also a stage icon where each stage is a color-coded circle.

First circle is red if we can't parse your code. It's orange if we can parse it but there are broken references.

Second circle will be red if we can't transpile your code and green if we can.

Third circle represents the creation status in the target database. For that to be enabled, you will need to set up connection info in the project settings. If the object was not created yet, the circle will be small, gray, and hollow. If there was an error creating it, it will be red. If it was created successfully, it will be green.

All three dots being green mean you have passed all stages - the object is created in the target and can be used.

Context menu

When you click the object group, you can have a set of actions applied to the objects of that group.

Apply target database changes

Create objects in the target database. Applies to only objects with target script changed.

Recreate all target database objects

Create all project objects in the target database even if unchanged.

Drop all target database objects

Drop all project objects in the target database.

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